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EveryLibrary Pre-Party at CLA

EveryLibrary Pre-Party at CLA


EveryLibrary California and EveryLibrary National are excited to announce our fundraiser and pre-party just before the California Library Association Conference in Oakland. Whether you’re going to CLA or not (you should go to the conference!!) we invite you to this pre-party. We are thrilled to be hosted by the Oakland Public Library at the main library and partnering with the CLA Student…

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Sign Up for National Voter Registration Day Today!

Sign Up for National Voter Registration Day Today!


At EveryLibrary California, we want to push libraries to get more politically involved to help libraries win elections. One of the best ways to do that, is to ensure that all of your patrons are registered voters. As part of this effort, we became a partner organization with the National Voter Registration Day Organizationto help them promote this important day to libraries. We want to…

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Join EveryLibrary and Mozilla in the Fight for Net Neutrality

Join EveryLibrary and Mozilla in the Fight for Net Neutrality


In case you haven’t heard, the open Internet’s founding principle is under attack. Policymakers in the U.S. are considering rules that would erase “Net Neutrality,” the principle that all data on the Internet should be treated equally. If these rule changes go through, many fear it will create a “two-tier” Internet, where monopolies are able to charge huge fees for special “fast lanes” while…

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We’ll Sponsor Your Professional Networking

We’ll Sponsor Your Professional Networking


One of the biggest and most daunting tasks of political library advocacy, and library advocacy in general, is getting out into the public where we can talk directly with our voters and identify supporters. EveryLibrary California is dedicated to working to help make this easier and more financially feasible for librarians. To that end, we have identified the Network After Workevents as a place…

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The Mounting Info-War Against CA Libraries

The Mounting Info-War Against CA Libraries

vote libraries

yes librariesIf some of the postswe’ve seen come out lately are any indication, it would seem that many of the groups in the “any tax is a bad tax” vein of thought are mounting an information campaign against libraries. With the huge approval rating of libraries, it is, of course, far too soon for them to mount an actual campaign against libraries. But these articles and information campaigns are where it…

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Sarah Kishler organized a letter writing party on behalf of EveryLibrary California.  She just had her article published in the Mercury newspaper and it was quickly trolled.  I’m very proud of Sarah and this article! Way to go! You made it happen.

It went like this: 

Communities still need their local libraries

Thank you for your support for renewing San Jose’s library parcel tax (Editorial, March 9) and pointing out what should be logically evident: decline in usage is certainly likely to occur after hours are cut. That San Jose Public Library is still able to draw the numbers you cite (e.g., 6 million visitors a year) is only made more impressive after these cuts.

In a recent Pew Research survey, 67 percent of Americans said the closure of their local public library would have an impact on their family and 90 percent said it would impact their community. And if anyone needs eyewitness evidence of popular demand for the city library, they can walk by the King Library before it opens Sunday afternoon (the only San Jose city branch that is currently open on that day of the week). It’s easy to lose count of the people waiting for the doors to open.

Sarah Kishler”

If you want to organize your own letter writing party for California Libraries, find out more details here - http://everylibrarycalifornia.org/2013/11/26/get-involved-write-a-letter/

State Senator Introduces Major Library Construction Bond Measure

State Senator Introduces Major Library Construction Bond Measure


This is news from CLA and noteworthy to anyone following along!

Last Friday afternoon, Senator Mark DeSaulnier (D-Concord) formally introduced SB 1455, which seeks to place a major library construction bond measure on an upcoming statewide ballot. Senator DeSaulnier has been a long standing supporter of public libraries during his time in the Assembly and the Senate, and we are pleased that he…

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There’s just so much to do…

There’s just so much to do…

phone banking

vote librariesEveryLibrary California is going to be leading the fight to make it 11 percent easier for libraries to get funding in California. There are some potential amendments to the California Constitution to allow libraries and local jurisdictions to pass a tax measure by a more democratic 55% instead of the currently needed 66%. While the California Library Association fights for this legislation to…

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What Can $50 Do For California Libraries?EveryLibrary California is fighting to change the model for local library funding in the state.…View Post

What Can $50 Do For California Libraries?

EveryLibrary California is fighting to change the model for local library funding in the state.…

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California Libraries Need YOULibraries in California are struggling to find the funding they need to serve their communities.…View Post

California Libraries Need YOU

Libraries in California are struggling to find the funding they need to serve their communities.…

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